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E-motive Poetry E-book

This website is a platform for me to be creative with my emotions and one way I am able to express myself is through my writing

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Social Media E-Guides for Creatives

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Blog Writing

Why blog? A blog can be compared to the heartbeat of your website keeping your content and SEO alive! Unlike some social media, blogs have a lasting value and their content is easily recycled for your social media strategy. Similar

Personalised Retirement Poem

Bespoke Personalised Poems

I offer personalised poems for every occasion and it is a very special way of giving someone a message.

Decoup;age Angel Bangle

Etsy Shop

Join me on my creatively emotional journey at my Etsy Creative Emotions Shop Coasters, decoupage bangles, poetic wallet cards, magnets and more….    

Blogs lead to sales with social media

Social Media Marketing Plans

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“Thank you very much for all the advice, follow-up support and contacts you have given me. I truly didn’t know where to start with setting up a website, or using the various social media as part of my new business venture. I now have a much clearer picture of where to go, whom to ask, how much it costs and what to consider. I’m not sure I know where to stop! A truly great resource. Thank you.” Alison Jones, Artisan Baker June 2016

About Nikki

About Nikki

I  am a social media mentor for the creative / holistic sector.  I was the digital business advisor at the Marches Growth Hub –  Shropshire and I develop your content using creativity and emotions to tell a story to your audience.

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A Tribute Grief Poem Video