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About Nikki

I use my creative emotions for my CreativeEmotionsShop on Etsy, for my writing / poetry and I am a social media mentor for the creative / holistic sector.  So #growwithme not only due to my social media management / training but I am also a Reiki Practitioner. #growwithme

Etsy Shop Jewellery Poetry

Etsy Shop

My life is a creatively emotional journey, inspired by life events and my love of sunflowers! For example, by creating my jewellery and using my poetry and Reiki, I have put together my Sunflower Spiritual Growth Bags which can be minimised for wedding favours…

E-motive Poetry E-book

E-motive Poetry is a creatively emotional poetic journey through the six basic universal emotions: anger – disgust – fear – happiness – sadness – surprise.
Verified Review on Amazon reads: “E-motive poetry is full of emotion and beauty and honesty and telling life how it is. A lovely read and a great author…”

Blog Writing

A blog can be compared to the heartbeat of your website keeping your content and SEO alive! Unlike some social media, blogs have a lasting value and their content is easily recycled for your social media strategy.
Contact me if you’re looking for a creative blog writer…

Blogs lead to sales with social media

Social Media Management / Training

I offer 3 levels of social media plans to manage your social media for you. These begin with basic coverage of 1 social media platform and more indepth plans cover blog writing and more. I also include the option of writing out your social media marketing plan for you and provide social media training. My latest (very positive feedback) can be seen below…

Reiki Treatments

A Reiki treatment includes 10 minutes to settle and talk, a 30 minute hands on treatment and 10 minutes to relax after the session and book any further treatments.


"Nikki was recommended to me when I was searching for someone to deliver social media training to small businesses and social enterprise with the aim of helping them to grow their business. Nikki was a pleasure to deal with when arranging the courses and made excellent suggestions about course content. Nikki had prepared well to deliver the course, tailoring it to the business sectors that were in attendance, and she provided useful follow-up material. I received excellent feedback from all the course attendees - who had all found the course both extremely enjoyable and useful."

Bridget, Three Parishes Big Local, December 2017

Passionate about Photography

I am a keen photographer and have a trained eye for framing / capturing magic moments. Follow me @nikkiayton on Instagram...

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A Tribute Grief Poem Video made with Creative Emotions