Spiral Stone Feedback
Lovely feedback from a recent customer who bought my spiral stones…

Spiral Stones

Spiral Stones and Spiral Pendants

From your outer thoughts
To your inner soul;
follow your spiral,
achieve your goal.

Hold it, gently spin it too,
feel the spiral energise.
Meditate or want support?
Focus on it, grow and rise.



I have opened my Creative Emotions Shop on Etsy.  Here you will find my popular Spiral Stones on sale in my Etsy shop for a mere £4.00 each.

You will receive a random stone unless you want specific colours.  If so, please message me.

They measure about 4cm across, weigh about 20g and are extremely tactile.

Spiral Pendant
Spiral Pendant

Very smooth to the touch and spin gently too so almost hypnotic!  They are extremely durable – weatherproof and proving to be popular with all age groups.

My Spiral Pendants and Spiral Bracelets are also prooving to be extremely popular.

Each one unique and can be ordered in your colours of choice.  Currently on sale in my Etsy shop for £8.50.

Please link through to my Etsy shop and purchase from there…  Join me on my creatively emotional journey at my Creative Emotions Shop on Etsy.

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