I love being Creative with my Emotions and have written in verse since a young age.  These poems have developed into:

A7 Wallet Keepsake Cards
These are based on a range of different emotions.  You can find these on my Etsy shop below…

“E-Motive Poetry” E-book
This is available to buy on Amazon. A book based on the six main emotions: happiness, fear, disgust, anger, surprise and sadness.  Please go to my E-motive Poetry E-book page for examples and links.

I am also creating a number of videos that I’m putting together as part of a bigger project for “Creative Emotions”! Watch this space…

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My “Creative Emotions” Poem!

I feel as though I’m starting, a chapter in my book
I want to share things with you, so come on then, take a look!
I’m a very determined person who’s always dreaming up new ideas
I look at things as a challenge and this takes away my fears.
I describe myself as creative and my experiences range far,
from photography, teaching and office work, to writing my memoirs.
There’s so much I want to share with you, but alas, I have to stop;
So, if you want to read more, more, more, go out and buy my book!

Be it through writing poetry or blogs, photography or painting, I am passionate about being creative with my emotions.