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• You generally have just under one minute to attract someone to your website and therefore, decrease the bounce rate.
• Many retailers already report that up to 70%-80% of website browsing occurs through customers using mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets.
• Responses on social media is key to successful customer service. Use it wisely!

The talk began with a “2 minute challenge”. An introduction where attendees needed to pair up with each other and prepare each other. A great way of ensuring key information is covered in your pitch and to gain feedback from those present.

Buy-From Shropshire is a countywide “service” which acts as the loudspeaker to promote businesses in the fields of Creativity and Food and Drink in Shropshire.

Louise took specific notes to make the talk relevant to the audience and added impromptu advice and top tips. There was a lively discussion as to what is important for Shropshire businesses using an E-Commerce platform.

• Website Testing: ask friends to navigate their way around your website. Use https://www.usertesting.com/ to get 3 free critiques which offer invaluable feedback.
• Use the traffic light system on WordPress to write your blogs and optimise SEO. This can be added via a plug-in.
• Use your content widely and make yourself known / promote your niche.
• Use video promotion to massively increase the impact of your conversion rate.
• Ensure consistency with your blogging and vlogging. Please note, when using video, ensure your face is over the halfway line and to the top third.
• Use social media wisely. Tag market leaders into relevant tweets and research your competition.
• Think about how you would search for yourself?

Targeting your Customer

• Use paid advertising on Facebook to select gender, location, age, skill sets, etc.
• Set up your YouTube video using a gmail email address and use the Creator app to record the stats from views. (Do not copy YouTube videos across to Facebook as they are not compatible with each other – if you use the Creator app for your YouTube channel, you will have access to all the relevant data).
• Paint a picture of your customer – likes, dislikes, gender, etc.
• Who will gain from your offer? Create a niche and market your niche so that it feels like a necessity to your customer.
• Look at your competition and ask yourself why you’re best placed to respond. For example, are you offering a specialist subject area in a specific geographical area?
• Segment your market – do you cover more than one specialist area?


Social Media
Re-use your blogs. Paste an explanation and link on Twitter and an extract (the first 5 lines are visible) and a link on Facebook. This is best practice for driving traffic to your website.

It is important to use visuals and especially video. This can have a staggering effect on the number of views. Include your website and a call to action on them where possible.

Did you know if you change your Facebook cover photo on a weekly basis, it will help increase the reach of your Facebook algorithms.

Retweeting reviews / writing reviews for relevant products / services can increase your targeted followers.

Be consistent! Focus on quality as opposed to quantity.

Create a content calendar.

Further Keypoints: Branding on Ecommerce

This platform works well if you are putting quality feeds out. There is a high number of videos to sift through until you find the informative ones but when you do, they attract more followers and higher engagement. It’s worth taking part if your product / service is creative / visual.

A website where millions of services are offered starting as low as $5.00.

Snapchat for Business
This is a rapidly growing free social media platform where

7 share rule on Facebook
7 shares of a post by your friends / colleagues will usually get you a similar response to that of paying for Facebook advertising. Just ask a few of your friends / colleagues to support you if you are posting an important post. Ensure these shares are relevant to the product / business…

80 / 20 Rule
Ensure your use of social media follows the guidelines of the 80 / 20 rule. Be social for 80% of the time and offer business information / facts for 20% of the time.
Written by Nikki Ayton
Project Manager for the Optimising Business Broadband (OBB) Project
Work Website: www.optimisingbusinessbroadband.co.uk
Twitter: @OBBshropstaffs LinkedIn: optimisingbusinessbroadband
Email: nikki.ayton@shropshire.gov.uk
There continues to be a vast amount of free information on the OBB website: www.optimisingbusinessbroadband.co.uk
With 26 free downloads, a series of webinars focussing on The Cloud and a great deal of information in our blogs.
If you aren’t already connected, be prepared to take up the benefits of superfast broadband. Make sure you’re ready! Check to see if fibre broadband has arrived:

When and where?

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