“Email Marketing with MailChimp”
Speaker Marina Ibrahim from Bizz-Buzz Consulting
Written by Nikki Ayton

MailChimp: Did you know…?

  • Over 10 million businesses send emails using MailChimp
  • It’s free of charge if you have up to 2,000 subscribers
  • Focus on your subject lines, the key for subscribers to open your email / newsletter!

Marina’s lively workshop offered not only a talk but also an interactive walk through MailChimp and Email Marketing.  This included:

  • How to set up a free account
  • How to create a list – the essential prerequisite of MailChimp!
  • How to add / import / save subscribers
  • How to set up and use forms
  • How to create a successful campaign

There was a lively discussion as to why Mailchimp is such a useful tool and the results were:

  • Email Marketing is the number 1 channel for B2B marketers
  • It enables you to create lists and sign-up forms
    • Lists can be broken down into segments and allow strategic marketing at targeted groups (known as segments).
    • Forms can be used to add to your WordPress website contact page to capture data or to, for example, your Facebook page. Marina suggested using the embedded form.
  • It provides free templates for newsletters
  • It allows personalised branding
  • It provides a Return On Investment and measures accurately
  • It’s affordable, quick, user friendly and most important of all measurable
  • MailChimp integrates with social media platforms

Email Personalisation

  • Personalise the subject line – focus on your customer’s key language. You could even use a hashtag to monitor across, for example, Twitter.  The subject line is key to your content being opened.
  • “Befriend” your subscribers and tell them about your work anniversaries, etc. Use National Awareness Days to promote your product / service.
  • Use personalisation throughout your communication with your customer, even down to the posting / shipping and thanking them for giving their time, support and custom

Subject Lines

Be creative with your subject lines:

  • Keep them short and direct “How to create lists on MailChimp”
  • Use a question “Do you know the top tips of creating a list on MailChimp?”
  • Announce an award / landmark in your business “We’ve won …….!”
  • Use statistics “Learn how to join the 10 million users on MailChimp”
  • Challenge your subscribers “Think you’ve got what it takes to run a successful Email Marketing campaign?”

According to recent market research, the top three registration processes to help grow your email list are:

  • Registration during purchase
  • Web registration
  • Online events



If you organise events through Eventbrite, it is possible to import data and save events as a different group / segment.  Grouping the attendees into segments and targeting them can increase open and click-through rates by about 15% because you will delivering more relevant emails.


To help your business grow, give your customers something for free that is not of high value in financial terms.  This can be created on a MailChimp form and:

  • Be high in information
  • Have an accepted value to it
  • Be a unique offer

or you could ask a sponsor to donate something!

The two most commonly used formats are random draw contests and best offer contests that can be created using a

Top Tips for the sign up form are:

  • Keep it short! Less is more…
  • Offer feedback from other subscribers and tell them what amazing information they can expect!
  • Make it aesthetically pleasing and place key information on the left

Further Keypoints: MailChimp

According to a 2014 report by KISSMetrics, email marketing has a return-on-investment of 4300 percent, which is way beyond anything businesses typically achieve with social media.

According to MailChimp, using demographic factors like customer type, postcode and job title led to 19% higher open rates and 21% greater click-through rates than average.

If you add the E-commerce 360 plug-in to your website, you can keep track of monetary values of your email marketing campaign.

If you run A/B tests when you have over 100 unique email addresses, it will monitor subject headings, content and open rates.

Have a deep understanding of your customer base.  Although the open rate of emails varies dependent on the sector, a good gauge for the average rate is between 15% and 20%.

Written by Nikki Ayton

Email Marketing with MailChimp
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