An interview with Norman Rikunenko, International Trade Advisor.

International Trade /Export Advisor at DiT
International Trade Advisor at DIT

Norman is an experienced professional who has a wealth of both international trade work and sales and management experience in exporting and general business.

I was able to catch up with him a Shropshire Growth Hub where I asked him a few questions about what the Department for International Trade.

1. What is it that DIT can offer local businesses? What area(s) do you cover? 

We have a dedicated International Trade team in Shropshire as well as in the other 5 sub-regions in the West Midlands. Through the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce we offer DiT support through International Trade Advisors. The service is for any business that wishes to export for the first time or existing exporters who are looking to expand into new markets. We offer free advice and support as well as a range of exporting workshops and masterclasses and events with overseas colleagues and buyers.

2. I hear you have your own digital experts? What information can they offer us?

The Digital trade Advisor (DTA) specialises in providing digital and e-commerce expertise to retailers as part of UKTI’s e-Exporting Programme. At the moment we hold monthly events where they visit Shropshire and you can book a 1:1 meeting with them.

3. Do you have 5 top tips that would help businesses if they’re looking at exporting internationally for the first time?

1. Get to know your local International Trade team
2. Protect your IP
3. Carry out desktop research
4. Consider the impact that exporting will have on you (time, finance, resource).
5. Taking part in our workshops will enable you to focus on your strengths and weakness to enable your overall strategy.

4. Could you give us an example of how you have helped a business recently with export or international trade?

One of the most recent was a client meeting with our Digital Trade Advisor. They discuss how to optimise your website for an international audience which can raise your profile and sales. This also includes social media and leveraging mobile content to reach a wider audience. The improvements made in the following weeks has had a positive effect on their company’s visibility in their target market.

5. Could you tell us a little bit about the process of getting in touch with you? What are your contact details if someone would like to have a chat or find out about what your digital advisors do?

To talk to a local International Trade Advisor in Shropshire or the West Midlands Region, you can contact me directly. I will then arrange for one of my colleagues to call you and arrange an appointment to discuss our services and what we can do to help you export.

If you have any questions for Norman, please contact him on:

An interview about export and international trade with an Advisor at DiT, the Department of International Trade
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