Take a pinch of Eastern promise (and traditional ingredient Dukka)!
Add a handful of intercultural coaching
Stir in authentic experience and training
Mix it together with culinary skills, mouth-watering recipes and creative juices

Allow to infuse until confidence and knowledge is of a level where you can digest.

Hi, my name is Marina Ibrahim and I want to introduce you into my world of intercultural, culinary inspiration!

My hereditary roots stem back to both Egypt and Germany – two extremely different countries with contrasting approaches and views to lifestyle, culture, business and of course, food.

I had an interesting childhood growing up and was heavily influenced by these separate worlds brought together by love! This knowledge has been key to becoming the Intercultural Consultant, Coach and Trainer I am today. Although I don’t like to generalise and quote stereotypes, my experience of business in Germany is that it functions like an extremely well-oiled machine whereas the Egyptian culture is much more relaxed with, for example, various employees wandering in and out of meetings. Although this doesn’t appear to be as organised, this format is still as efficient. Therefore, to bring together the passion for my heritage together with my fields of professional expertise, I have been able to develop my two companies:

• Bizz-Buzz Coaching, Consultancy & Training
• Cooking Like Cleopatra

For “Bizz-Buzz”, I offer bespoke coaching to develop leadership skills and the intercultural competencies needed for implementing a successful strategy between organisations working with different cultural backgrounds.

For “Cooking Like Cleopatra”, I utilise my passion for authentic Egyptian cuisine which I learned from my beloved Auntie Mouneira. Egyptian cuisine is on the cusp of becoming the next trend across the UK. I not only educate customers about the benefits of traditional ingredients, such as Dukka, at events and workshops but also offer cross cultural team building days where teams can share experiences, develop bonds and learn to work more effectively together. Who needs to struggle over a rope bridge for team building events?!

To conclude my own professional, intercultural pyramid, I am creating my third project which will look into the effects of intercultural change across all age groups but especially focus on working with university students.

If you are looking for an inspirational, dedicated yet professional individual who will entertain, inform and educate and with whom you are ensured a productive time, look no further and link up with Marina.

Nikki Ayton

Marina’s Intercultural Recipe for Success
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