I started this mentoring process lacking in confidence but with a determination that after years of thinking about going freelance, I was now at the right stage in my career and family life to turn this step into reality.  My main questions were how could I do this and where should I start?  Little did I know that through Marina’s objective and professional guidance, my ramblings would be able to gain so much clarity and I would be able to take a step back from my creative-emotions!  It was only through the process of talking that I was able to be coached and realise my dreams weren’t that far away.

Marina’s website www.bizz-buzz.co.uk highlights:

“I help heart-centred and passionate Business Owners, Solo-Entrepreneurs and Freelancers from around the world to take charge of their destiny and create the wealth they want sustainably.”

I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.  Since starting the Women And Broadband Mentoring Process with Marina, the freelance dreams which seemed so far away have seen me take lots of little steps to creating my own business that intuitively feels the right thing to do.  At the time, each action felt like a huge leap but as I realized my goals were achievable, I became more focused and although I still have a long (and winding!) road ahead of me, I can see the light!

Some of the practical steps I have taken during the process of my mentoring are, for example:

  • updating my title on professional related / social media related tools to freelance
  • having my freelance business cards printed
  • signing the contract for the go ahead of my business website
  • creating a realistic financial plan
  • looking into accountants and registering myself as a sole trader
  • putting together a detailed action plan
  • setting up test groups at a local school to test educational board games
  • gaining clarity, direction and self-belief

Furthermore, as my plan has developed, I have broken it down into short, mid and long-term goals.  Both Marina and my own interest and pull for Switzerland and German speaking countries became evident.  I lived in Austria for nearing 10 years and still have some great contacts over there, one of whom now lives in Switzerland and both she and I have a passion for social media and writing blogs.  My long term goals involve using her interests and language skills to offer a sideline freelance business across different countries.

My short term plan will be keeping me extremely busy and Marina has enabled me to break down my thoughts of social media, creative marketing advice, blogs, e-books and a tribute website into a money making enterprise that will hopefully benefit both myself and my family.  Not only that, it will fulfil and enable me to follow the path which I believe destiny wants me to follow.  It just feels right and working with Marina has felt right.  This is, I’m sure, down to similar passions but largely accredited to her skills as an experienced and professional consultant, coach and trainer.

I have been extremely fortunate to have had some amazing people to influence me in my life and when I think of their achievements together with Marina’s own success, I realise that we all have the ability to accomplish so much.

I don’t think we will fully lose touch after this and as my freelance business develops, I know Marina will be there to listen and offer guidance and clarity from time to time when I call upon her.  Her expertise is reassuring and I also look forward to seeing her at a future WiRE meeting and being able to speak some of my rusty German with her too!

This opportunity wouldn’t have been possible without the Connecting Shropshire team at Shropshire Council supporting the Women and Broadband project. It has been an invaluable opportunity and one which I feel will benefit me and my family for the future.


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