Personalised Retirement Poem
Linda’s Great Escape!

Personalised poems are a lovely way to give someone special a beautiful, memorable gift…

Are you looking for a unique present for someone special?

If yes, I can offer you a bespoke poetry service for that special day or to simply say thank you to a special person.  I will transform your words into a treasured gift through being creative with my emotions:

If you are looking for that special gift dedicated to a person you love, be it for:

  • a wedding gift
  • a birthday gift
  • a Valentine’s gift
  • an engagement gift
  • an anniversary gift
  • a new birth
  • a gesture of friendship
  • to say thank you
  • a memory
  • to say “Congratulations”


Up to 3 verses                                                                                                                                    £25.00
Up to 7 verses                                                                                                                                    £40.00

This is an extract from a poem written in memory of someone who I was told, lit up the room when he walked in the room…  The family wanted to express Peter’s positivity and humour:

Peter smiled and the light shone through
Peter’s smile was too good to be true,
Peter’s smile brought a ray to the day
Peter’s smile said all he had to say.
Peter smiled, your face had a lift
it was a talent he had, a natural gift;
Whenever I saw him, whatever his mood,
Peter’s smile had attitude.

(Thank you for letting me use this poem…)

A thank you to a German friend for his leaving party before his move to America.

Empty bottles slowly disappear,
the last cable is picked up.
Reinhard’s party is over 
but he’s still filling up his cup!

Shades of green contrast with the sky
what beauty lies around here,
A path of green with no beginning or end
the valley of beer’s now clear!

Now it’s time for calm and to reflect,
no more thumps or beats of the base.
Back to civilisation
an exhausted resemblance of the  human race.

The party is finished – it’s over;
Reinhard’s almost ready to leave
to a culture so different but also magnificent,
viel Glueck, viel Spass and achieve.


*It is an additional extra £5.00 if you would like the poem printed off and sent to you.

I have found these to be the most popular choices but please contact me on the form below if you would like a longer poem writing.   I will return all poems for two sets of amendments if this is necessary and ask you to pay up front for this service.  There is a 2 week turn-a-round for writing a poem after receiving both the payment and the requested information.


Full copyright of my work remains with me and may only be used for publishing or marketing with my permission.  If you have any of my work ie a poem / blog  printed or reproduced externally, you must credit Nikki Ayton and with copyright.

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