My Social Media Empower Hours have been created so as to introduce you to a range of key social media marketing templates which work together to empower you to save money and manage your own social media.  “Social Media Empowerment” is key to enabling you to take control of your own business and help it grow successfully #Growwithme

My “Empower Hour” is for you if

  • you are a start-up / starting out in your field and would like to get things right from the beginning
  • if you are looking for structure and guidance to take on a professional approach with your social media
  • if you are not getting the results you’d hoped for
  • if are looking for new and creative methods of growth so that your company can continue to evolve and grow.

My “Empower Hours” are possible either face to face or via Skype.

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Social Media Empower Hour Handouts

During our one hour Empower Hour, I will help you target your market and will provide you with a proven strategy to help your business grow with the handouts below…   They have been developed whilst working directly with businesses within my own company and also whilst working as Digital Business Advisor at Marches Growth Hub – Shropshire. #Growwithme

Social Media Empower Hour Handouts

The Social Media Empower Hour Pack offers the following documents which will be emailed to you ahead of our training hour.  The aim is that after you have become familiar with the products during the training, they will empower you and take one hour a week to prepare and implement your social media strategy:

  • An Introduction to Social Media Campaigns
    • What makes a successful social media campaign, how do you implement it and why use a campaign?
  • What makes a good Social Media Strategy with Examples
  • Social Media Plan Template
    • See what you prefer to use, a daily, weekly, monthly or 3 monthly plan.  You will receive copies of them all
  • How to Build your Network
    • I set up and successfully led a business focussed Women in Rural Enterprise (WiRE) Group.  I learned  a range of tips of how to network efficiently and successfully.
  • Content Calendar Template with an Example
    • A blank template of a content calendar and a filled in example
  • #TopTips on using the best Platforms for Creatives
    • This is a fairly new addition after working with many creatives
  • Proven Marketing Ideas
  • Social Media Poem!
    • Was this the first Social Media Poem?  My original social media poem looking at strategy and how to recycle content…



Social Media Empower Hour (including handouts): £50.00

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