“Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day” by Warren Knight

International Social Media Speaker, Author, Trainer & Award Winning Entrepreneur & Coach

Written by Nikki Ayton, OBB Project Manager


 The day had dawned for the final OBB event and I don’t think the 60+ attendees realised that they were going to be in for such a treat. Warren Knight not only knows the subject of social media inside out, he was a constant professional, an excellent communicator and both informative and focussed on the needs of the audience. He is the best-selling author of “Think #Digital First” and everyone present was able to get a free copy – some signed!

We started off by looking at and defining the brand for the products / services of those present. Warren gave everyone the task of analysing their social media profile and asked them to consider:

  • Their existing clients
  • Their competition
  • Choose specific demographics ie age, location, gender, income, etc and
  • Consider the psychology

Social Media works to its optimum capacity when you have strong brand awareness, a specified target audience and use the available platforms to support one another. Can you describe your brand in 140 characters?

He gave us some #toptips on how to ensure you’re using the best social media for your product / service.


A single website for more ideas, news and knowledge to give a wider view of your subject area. Great for when you’re scheduling your social media.


The social search and display platform! Enter your product / service into the search box but don’t forget to add a #hashtag at the beginning! It will then display for you which social media platform is best for your product / service.


A great website to sign up to for free to get your Twitter account under control. It lists all of the non-followers for you so you can quickly take control and be efficient in organising it.


Openr lets you add a relevant, targeted promotional message onto any page that you share, making that content sharing get the action you want – whether it’s traffic, email subscriptions or sales.


Canva is a design programme which is easy to use and can help you create a consistency in design across your social media platforms. Use Canva’s drag-and-drop feature to create professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics.

The best tip of the day for me!

Did you know you could pin tweets to the top of your profile? Choose the tweet you would like to highlight, open the tweet and click on the three dots, then click on “pin to top”. Perfect way of promoting events and competitions!

What programmes to use to schedule your social media?

Hootsuite – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+

Viralroot – Pinterest

Scedugram / Latergramme – Instagram

Don’t forget, remember your #5aday! He recommends we aim to schedule 5 tweets a day and action 5 retweets a day covering:

  • product / service
  • blog
  • relevant news and
  • business news (sourced from www.feedly.com )
  • once again, product / service

Warren highlights that “Thought Leadership” ie opinion based management is essential in social media marketing and management. He highly recommends working from a 90 day Marketing Action Plan and a 7 day Social Media Plan.

30 Minutes a Day
60 minutes preparation for 7 days content That’s 9 minutes a day
Scan & reply to tweets at 9am, 1pm & 6pm That’s 9 minutes a day
Retweet key relevant information each day That’s 2 minutes a day
5 minutes to allow 5 new followers That’s 5 minutes a day
Analysed the success for 5 minutes That’s 5 minutes a day

In summary, Warren’s approach is both professional and practical and if you look at his website, you can see his methods obviously work and he offers so much free advice on there! It is a great resource for everything social media related and don’t forget the free downloads and webinars on the OBB website too!

To speed up the social media process, it is advised that if you aren’t already connected, be prepared to take up the benefits of superfast broadband. Check to see if fibre broadband has arrived:


Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day
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