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Helping Start-Ups grow with a focus on the Creative / Holistic / Wellness Sectors
Did you know that SMEs that use social media grow 25% faster than their competitors?

Do you struggle with social media or find it difficult to write the content for your website?  Are you looking for a methodical and experienced writer to fit all of your pieces of information together?  If yes, this is what I can offer you:
Blog Writing, Social Media Plans, Copy Writing, Marketing Plans and Training

My Sunflower / Marketing Poem

I’ve been growing a sunflower for a month and a day,
it’s given me power and helped me to stay on the long, straight stem to a life that I need
when things get too much, I pretend I’m its seed.
As it moves to the sun to reach the light, I look to the future with sheer delight.

It inspires my creative emotions published via social media promotions.
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more, I can tell you what you’re looking for…
Blog writing to increase your growth? Social media management? I offer both.
Competitive prices, a proven strategy, we can grow together. Contact me!

Grow with me…

Links to my Optimising Business Broadband (OBB) blogs about Social Media

Welcome to the Digital Revolution
Search engine optimisation

Social Media SWOT Analysis

Competitive advantage
Much wider audience
More scope to target audience
Low cost
Time savvy management
Growth rate 25% faster than competitors who don’t use social media

Gaps in capabilities
No social media policy / not often integrated in business strategy
Often regulated by someone lacking marketing experience as opposed to someone who sees the bigger picture.
Single and narrow-minded focus

Market Developments
Competitors’ vulnerabilities
Industry Trends
Technology development and innovation
New markets
Niche target markets
Quick access to customer issues
Increased investment opportunities

New technologies, services and ideas
Fear and risk aversion
Non-innovative cultures