Sunbeams and Stars: A Poem about Love, Loss, Grief and Angels...
Sunbeams and Stars

from my E-motive Poetry E-book

A poem about love, loss, grief and angels…

There’s a sparkle of gold in the glimmering stream
in this life, I’m starting to rebuild my dream;
one of freedom and nature, of joy and love
but the jigsaw piece missing is, my angel above.

I look up to the sun and am blinded in awe
by its warmth and power but also its lure,
its formidable strength bewitches those it meets
and a surge of its power brightens dormant, dark streets.

A cloud is lifted as the rays flow down
wrapping each person in a warm cloak and crown;
hypnotised by its power, the world seems aglow
and our emotions live forth on the radiant rainbow.

A cloud passes by, a momentary lull
as the sun gratifies with its light bountiful.
As our spirits are lifted and soar through the sky
I glance up at my angels who pass me by;
but my life is here and it’s one to be lived
though their emotive guidance is definitive.

It’s night time now and the stars twinkle bright
but my heart is still filled with your sunshine’s light.
It’s a conflicting story of love and of pain
while my heart aches for you,
I know you remain
near my side
and I feel your love;
you are my angel,
my sunbeam,
my star
up above.

by Nikki Ayton

Sunbeams and Stars: A Poem about Love, Loss, Grief and Angels
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