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“Once upon a time…” One of the most recognisable, universal phrases of all time!

How can this help with your social media strategy? Gareth helps companies dig down deep for information via searching questions to create a powerful story. This will enhance your brand, help create the “social” in social media and promote that specialist piece of equipment or a unique approach or service. The most powerful and memorable story of all is an emotional one. How has your product / service benefitted someone?

Gareth Edwards, OBB Consultant and Marketing Consultant had kindly donated his time to prepare and give an overview of social media. There was a brief introduction from Chris Taylor, Connecting Shropshire Programme Manager, who gave an overview of the benefits of broadband. He explained where they are with the rollout programme and information on the future of OBB which covered its networks, consultants and future developments. Gareth then stepped in and instantly spoke of the enthusiasm he has felt from Shropshire throughout the OBB project to date.

He told a story about The Wooden Gate Company (their case study can be found on our website They purchased a valuable piece of specialised wood-cutting equipment which a number of customers didn’t know they had. The potential of how this could be utilised could expand the reach of the market and through Gareth’s input and their use of social media, they were able to create a strategy to incorporate this.

Gareth’s experience knows that memorable stories can have a much bigger impact than a social media strategy without a story. He suggests breaking these stories down into categories such as Memorable, Human, Amusing, Dramatic, Trustworthy and so on…

Support your stories with visuals if you don’t have corresponding images, use Google Images as a reference library – if you click the ‘Search Tools’ button you’ll see a ‘Usage Rights’ drop-down menu which allows you to filter for images that are labelled for reuse.

During the presentation, Gareth asks the audience to collect their thoughts and “Pan for Gold”. What are their “Golden Nuggets”?! He gives them a few minutes to collect their thoughts and create the beginnings of their own unique story. There is great interaction and as you listen, you can see and hear how powerful a story can be.

Stories can be posted as Facebook posts, tweets, LinkedIn stories, blogs on relevant Pinterest Boards and on Instagram.

He strongly suggests creating a Content Calendar. Look for a free template on the internet or create your own and list:

  • Events / Shows
  • Customer Interests
  • Sector News

Use scheduling tools such as Hootsuite (the free version allows you to manage 3 social media accounts) or Buffer to organise your social media and schedule on your wanted days.

Never shy away from looking at what others are doing! Your competitors and mainstream brands in your field can all provide you with invaluable tips, information and resources.

Gareth then went on to talk about the importance of “slice and dice”. This is an exercise to chop and breakdown elements of your business to highlight that every story has a different angle. To illustrate, he put on some different hats to see the story from different viewpoints, for example:

  • The salesman
  • The manager
  • The accountant

Make sure you “reformat, re-use and repeat” each story to maximise potential reach and analyse this with Google Analytics. Before an event post a link to a blog / article on Facebook or LinkedIn to raise awareness to your customers and widen your circles on Google+.

As always, when Gareth takes to the helm, the feedback from this event has been excellent and OBB would like to thank you all, once again, for attending. Whilst OBB is in it transitional phase between funding, it fully appreciates the support from those who worked on the programme, saw the benefits of it and who have continued to support it. If you have any further questions, please contact either Gareth or OBB and Gareth is looking forward to hearing your stories… Don’t hesitate to contact him for any further information and support.

At the end of the event, there was a reminder about how much free information is on the OBB website: With 26 free downloads, further 1:1 consultancies bespoke to your SME and a series of webinars focussing on The Cloud.

If you aren’t already connected, be prepared to take up the benefits of superfast broadband. Make sure you’re ready! Check to see if fibre broadband has arrived:

by Nikki Ayton

Project Manager for the Optimising Business Broadband (OBB) Project

Work Website:

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The Importance of Story Telling in Digital Marketing
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