Key points for effective Twitter use for personal / business accounts

  • There are 140 characters per tweet. Create interest with the content.  Be polite, share / retweet other relevant tweets and this strong theme can help create your brand on twitter.  Educate, inform and entertain.
  • Add a strong image or photograph. Use a good photograph of yourself as opposed to a selfie.  Customise your profile.  You have about 3 seconds to attract interest!
  • Use twitter lingo @, #, RT
  • #FF, #FollowFriday Recommend others ie suppliers, clients, commentators, friends, other Tweeters.
  • Shorten your URL links using, for example, ly or TinyURL or on Hootsuite
  • Use the search symbol, search for people in your area or those who are tweeting about things relevant to you / your business. Many people you follow will follow you back. Think about what type of Tweets you respond to best…
  • Promote your website and blogs. Explain the content and ask a question about what your followers do…  Emphasise the “social” in social media.
  • The basic Twitter account allows you to have 2,000 followers so update to keep within this limit and there are about 175 million users in the world today.
  • Develop a personality on Twitter and add some humour. Even Richard Branson advises the occasional joke!
  • It is said that tweeting between 1pm and 3pm is the most effective
  • Use free scheduling tools such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. Both use dashboards with separate columns for you to organise your streams, for example, @, direct messages, tracked hashtags and so on.
  • I choose to use HootSuite as it can be integrated with more social media sites and free accounts will allow you to have up to five social profiles. Such as Facebook profiles/pages/groups, Twitter, Google+ pages, LinkedIn profiles/groups/companies, Foursquare, WordPress, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram and more.
  • Schedule your tweets to be repeated at different times / on different days. It’s interesting and a learning curve to see the difference in stats of what works best for you / your brand!
  • Another great app is TweetReach if you want to see how far your tweets travel but statistics are also up-to-date if you go to Settings, Analytics page on your Twitter account. For further reach, use directories such as wefollow and Twellow – the Twitter Yellow Pages.
  • Create lists for your account. Useful to file relevant twitter accounts and tweets of relevance and interest.
  • Use hashtags and relevant “hours” – geographical hashtags or business / interest related hashtags at relevant times eg #Shropshirehour Wed 8pm – 9pm.
  • It is possible to send out automatic direct messages (DMs). It can cause an increase in unfollowers especially if you use them for hard sell.  It is advisable to use auto DM’s if you offer something of quality rather than expecting your new follower to “DO” something.
  • Use twitter to promote your business and ensure you promote your twitter account – on your website and advertising such as your email signature and business cards…
  • If in doubt and if you are running out of time to manage your Twitter account, get in touch! If I can’t help, I know professional people who can…

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