I walked into the room to be faced with an array of colour with up 80 bottles filled with two-tones of sometimes similar and sometimes contrasting shades. Colour Mirrors is about analysing the instinctive response to colour and each bottle depicts the sub-conscious mind with the bottom colour and conscious mind with the top colour. The oils can be used for meditation, in the bath and / or massage.

Sarah began the evening by taking a spritzer bottle of luscious pink lavender and rose spray and gave us all a sample to rub into on our hands. The aroma filled the room and created both an ambient and harmonious feeling to lead into a short guided visualisation.

Upon opening our eyes, we were asked to look at the bottles and see which colours we were instantly drawn to. I don’t think there was one person in the room who didn’t ask about the colours they had been attracted to and what the meaning was.

For Sarah, this business move is a natural transition from her background and years of experience in both counselling and colour so a marriage made in heaven. She says herself “I can’t believe how lucky I am.”

During a 1:1 session, Sarah will usually invite the client to choose an initial bottle and then, on average, they choose between 5 and 7 different bottles. These create a discovery session that Sarah can interpret dependent on the colours chosen and on the positioning of the bottles. The stronger, more vibrant colours directly relate to the 7 chakras and the interpretation creates an emotional journey unique to every individual.

Sarah gave the example that her daughter (who wasn’t usually drawn to turquoise) chose a bottle with a combination of turquoise with yellow on top. The turquoise colour depicts faith and yellow depicts personal power and direction. Her daughter was moving house and looking for some form of support with the new direction she was moving in.

What was even more poignant during the evening is that one of the lady’s present was unfortunately allergic to lavender and after inhaling the lovely aroma in the air from the beginning of the session, she began to lose her voice. The colours she chose related to the throat chakra!

Sarah gave a wonderful presentation and was both engaging and informative and it created a fun, yet thought-provoking interactive session.

For more information, please contact Sarah via her website on: www.sarahamatt.co.uk

WiRE Guest Speaker: Sarah Amatt “Finding Clarity through Colour / Colour Mirroring”
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