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Blue Chip Orchestra, Digital Philharmonic Orchestra with Hubert Bognermayr

Updated: Aug 1, 2022


Created by Hubert Bognermayr Instrument Designs by Joe Drobar Design and translation of the leaflet by Martin (Herbie) Bognermayr and Nikki Talbot / Ayton

Austria's musical culture and orchestral traditions influenced the foundation of the Digital Philharmonic Orchestra. The "virtual philharmonic" of the computer, together with the live soloist performances of the Blue Chip Orchestra, make it completely possible to do new composition forms and sound structures. The Blue Chip Academy design and develop new musical instruments exclusively for the Blue Chip Orchestra. (Light Harp, Botticello, Soundsails, Magic Mozart Horn). The unusual sound and the extravagant appearance of the Blue Chip Orchestra has always had continual enthusiastic receptions and reviews in concert projects; from the public, the critics, the TV and the whole broadcasting media. The various programme offers the Blue Chip Orchestra have had, cover a wide range of themes, from the computer acoustic dance theatre "Erdenklang," "Boleros," "Wasserplanet" and the sport music "MOVE" to playing the new sound interpretation of the hits of classical and film music.

Digital Instrument, Magic Mozart Horn from the Blue Chip Orchestra
Magic Mozart Horn, Blue Chip Orchestra

Magic Mozart Horn

The Magic Mozart Horn is a computer brass instrument, with this horn all conceivable brass sounds and synthetic sounds can be made. The sound computer recalls these beats and due to the funnel design, the sound becomes audible.

Sound Sails

The seven steel plates are connected to the music computer through impulsive reactions. If the steel

plates are hit by the musician, he can play for example, giant acoustic gongs, tin sounds and all possible metal fantasy sounds.

Light Harp

The Light Harp is functioned by an ultra-sonic eye which is built into the instrument - this was developed at the Blue Chip Academy. The ultra-sonic eye recognises and calculates the hand movements of the harp player; the movements are processed into legible data for the sound computer. The harp player is now able to use all sounds of the computer world - thus, electronic music, as well as medium technology, is at ones disposal.

Mirror Percussion

Drum pads are built into the reflective columns which are connected to a sound computer. With these computer controlled drum pads the drummer is able to create different drum sounds as well as different percussion sound fantasies.


Erdenklang Bergpredigt Boleros Donau so Blau White River - Red Spirit / Red Sky Beat (USA) The Best In Native American Music (Walt Disney)

Awarded gold and platinum discs, as well as, international awards for the productions "Erdenklang" and "Bergpredigt"

All CDs available at Erdenklang Musikverlag -

International Media

Magazines Der Spiegel: "The High Tech Sound of the Blue Chip Orchestra has got style and is entertaining." Profil: "The Blue Chip Orchestra and its soloists are guiding through their own new Sound-universe." FAZ: "The Blue Chip Orchestra has managed to create unusual and fascinating Sound-ideas." Music Maker: "Blue Chip - an intelligent group as well as a new Sound-landscape." Neue Zuericher Zeitung: "Blue Chip - an outrageous digital philharmonic Sound-body." Koelnische Rundschau: "An artistic happening whifch is to be enjoyed with your eyes and ears." La Libre: "The music made by the Blue Chip Orchestra has managed perfectly to conquer new Sound-worlds." Die Presse: "The Blue Chip Orchestra is entertaining and really fantastic."

TV Reports CNN, ORF, ZDF, 3SAT, RTL, PRO 7, RAI, Spain National, Japan National…

Concerts, Performances and Exhibitions: Ars Electronica Festival Weltausstellung Sevilla Koelner Dom Wiener Musikverein Klangart Osnabrueck Hamburger Oper Frankfurter Oper Konzerthaus Zuerich Salzburger Festspiele Musikhalle Hamburg Nationaltheater perugia Museum of Modern Art: Sevilla and Barcelona Ingenious Wiener Hofburg Design Depot Europe etc

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