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Join me for my (online) Coaching Empower Hours

Let me, help you!

1. Let me, help you find your authentic self and let me, help you heal your emotions after a period of grief.
Let me, help you remove blocks, create plans, motivate you & let the energy flow to achieve your dreams and succeed.  
Let me, help you with your pre-start up business ideas in the holistic and creative fields.
Let me, help you find your "thing"!  What helps you to free your mind?

I recommend a minimum of 3 sessions and these can purchased on an hourly basis or as a package of 3 sessions.

Get in touch!

The Full Story

Please get in touch for a free 15 minute consultation.  We can talk about where you currently are and where you would like to be. 


Coaching can be a very empowering and freeing experience to help you take back control of

various aspects of your life and open up new doors.  With the right questions and

empowered thought process, we can work together to give you back what is missing from

your life - even if you don't know what it is!  It is an empowering and surprising process at

times designed to support you so let me, help you to follow your dreams, inspire, motivate

and succeed.

So, what is coaching? 

Coaching uses a range of techniques and questions that let me, help you elicit your own answers as you embark on your own journey of self-development.  It is a very empowering process and I ensure that I treat every person I work with on an individual basis and I frequently use my own I CARE Coaching Model:

  • Identify barriers and actions

  • Challenge, Confidence and Clarity

  • Assess 

  • Reflect, Review and Remove blocks

  • Evaluate and Re-Examine

This will in turn, let me, help you instill confidence and increase growth and personal development.

Why have I chosen to be a Holistic Empowerment Coach?

I have always had a holistic approach to life and find my motivation through creating and helping others with their emotions.  In 2001, whilst living in Austria, my fiance died the night after planning our wedding.  I also experienced a number of miscarriages and have lived alongside grief since then.  I studied Death and Dying with the Open University and I worked through my emotions creatively, hence the name of my website and Etsy shop "Creative Emotions".  I have numerous management qualifications and through years of business development, I have also adopted a strategic mindset to help you create your action plans and vision boards.  I like to look at the bigger picture and through living with a strong sense of intuition, I eventually became a Reiki Master and I have a Level 5 Coaching qualification.  I set up a WiRE Women's networking group and also work with those on the autistic spectrum and learning difficulties.  Let me, help you and I look forward to working with you!

  • Do you have a dream and an inner voice driving that dream?

  • Have you discovered your Inner Warrior?

  • Would you like to achieve your dream / intentions?

  • Would you like to adopt a positive mindset?

  • Are you learning to live again after a loss / trauma?

  • Are you adjusting to life with / after the peri-menopause?

My website reflects my journey, my skills and the type of person I am.  It is authentic and it has taken me a long time to embrace my authentic self.  I am sure you will get a sense of the person I am so let me, help you. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions on the form below...

If I were looking to work with a certified life and business coach, I know I would like to read some feedback so please

find below coachee feedback and also, feedback from a fellow coach who recently observed me.

Coachee Feedback

Working with a client to map out their pre-start up idea

"Working with Nikki has helped me immensely.  Her open, warm and adaptive approach offered a safe space in which I could openly talk about my ideas in a non-judgmental environment.  I think this is important for any entrepreneur, especially solo ones who have no one to talk to discuss their ideas with.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to understand what you yourself mean because you have way too much information in your head.  Nikki's style of asking open questions, be it in a face to face or online session has helped me hone down the information overload I felt stopped me from progressing with my business.  This helped me hear myself out loud, attain clarity and understand what it really was that I was trying to achieve.

I loved her flexible approach because even if we had a set agenda for a meeting, and I for some reason didn't feel 100% prepared for it, she was able to adapt her coaching style to suit my needs and work with me, as opposed to making me work to her style.  This, as a coachee, is invaluable.  It feels like there is no pressure on me, and that the session is about me and what I can get out of it, even though I may not know what I need.  Nikki was able to guide me intuitively to make each and every session productive and progressive for my journey.  Nikki employed a number of relacing techniques which I found particularly useful.  The process of developing your ideas can be quite frustrating so I really appreciated the fact Nikki offered something that most other Coaches don't.

Over the course of working with Nikki, I have gone from an entrepreneur with an idea and possibly having my head in the clouds, to a business women with an action plan, and I firmly believe that Nikki was pivotal in helping me transform not only my ideas into an action plan, but also with my self belief.  Her nurturing style has given me the space I needed to believe in myself and my ability to bring my ideas to fruition, so I cannot thank her enough."

I think it is important to continue to be monitored as a Coach to ensure a professional approach is in place and for me to hone my skills.  After all, every day, we learn something new and we shouldn't become stagnant in our way of thinking.  This is feedback from a fellow coach at a recent face to face session:

Coach Observation Feedback

On entering the room I observed positive body language, and a professional conversation which indicated there was an established rapport and positive relationship between the individuals observed, as such I was pleased to see that although the participants knew each other and had worked in a coaching capacity previously there were no assumptions made about this session and Nikki opened by checking the purpose, objectives of the session and the time available, these key aspects were discussed and agreed. I also observed other good coaching approaches such as active listening, open questions, purposeful discussion, and goal setting as such Nikki demonstrated a coaching mindset and approach.


I witnessed active listening skills as the business reflected what they had discussed in the session and Nikki gave time for the business owner to digest, reflect and summarise the discussion.  Nikki reiterated the actions highlighted and they both agreed that although the session was different to what had been planned, Nikki’s flexible approach allowed the business owner to have full autonomy as such she was fully engaged and explained that her needs were being met.


At all times I witnessed a comfortable atmosphere and purposeful discussion.

My prices:

Holistic Empowerment Coaching 60 minute Empower Hour:        £40.00

Holistic Empowerment Coaching 180 minutes Empower Hours:  £100.00

Special Offer: A random Spiral Stone or one of my Crystal Healing Bracelets of choice will be included with each of the above offers...

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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