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Spiral Stones

My wellness spinning Spiral Stones have been created to offer you support:

  • through their shape as they fit nicely into the average size palm

  • the spiral symbol on them is representative of creation, nature, a journey and evolution

  • I send them out induced with healing Reiki energy.

​They're made out of polymer clay and are smooth and extremely tactile to hold and also mesmerising as they spin. Perfect to keep in your pocket / bag and give to give a squeeze when you need some extra support.  They are weatherproof and can be kept both inside and outside.

Each Stone is sent out with one of my keepsake Spiral Stone Growth Poems.  Here's an extract:

"Hold it, gently spin it too, feel the spiral energise.  Meditate or want support? Focus on it, grow and rise..."

I can also send out my loss / angel poems with my Spiral Stones and am also make bespoke Spiral Stones in colours of your choice with a name of up to 4 letters stamped in.  These options are listed below and I've also written my stories and inspirations behind each use:

Grief/Loss, Stress Relief, Autism, Mindfulness / Meditation / Chakras,

Home Decor, Garden Decor, Friendship, Gifts / Wedding Favours, Bespoke


Delighted with my purchase! It is beautiful, tactile and highly original. Love the poetic card that comes with it too. Finding this shop was like a breath of fresh air! Thank you 😀


As mentioned in My Story, I lost my fiance suddenly back in 2001.  I remember I always used to carry a heart in my pocket and give it a squeeze when I started to feel emotional and needed some extra strength. My Spiral Stones have therefore been created to offer you support through their shape as they fit nicely into the average size palm, the symbol on them depicts a journey and evolution and I send them out induced with healing Reiki energy. I really hope they give you some form of emotional support at such a difficult time and they are pretty too! I also send them out with two of my grief poetry keepsake cards which fit inside a standard sized purse. 
If you purchase a Spiral Stone to help with the grieving process, please message me to ensure you receive the correct cards...


The recipient of this spiral stone was absolutely delighted to receive it. It was custom made at short notice to include a favourite colour scheme. The poem card that was added on loss and grief made it very meaningful. Thank you so much, Nikki, for making tough times more bearable for people 💕


I bought 3 of these stones for friends that had undergone a bereavement earlier this year. As we get older these things happen... but still very hard to come to terms with. The stones are beautifully made. There is a poem enclosed & reiki performed on them. The recipients have been brought to tears with them. I hope they bring some comfort...


Stress Relief

Have you ever heard of rumination?  The human trait of obsessing over something via reflection and brooding.  Fidget spinners act as a distraction to this and are therefore thought to help relieve stress and focus the mind.  My spinning Spiral Stones are a rustic version based on the spiral which depicts life and nature. They also help relieve stress as you can carry them around with you, keep them in a bag / pocket and give them a squeeze.  Sent out infused with Reiki energy...


I have always had an interest in autism and one of our wonderful godchildren has autism.  After completing a course in Autism, I wondered what he and other children I know on the autistic spectrum, would think about my stones.  It meant so much to know they loved them.  They kept them in their pockets, enjoyed spinning them and I could make them in their favourite colours.


They are like a fidget spinner that acts as a distraction and are therefore thought to help relieve stress and focus the mind.  My spinning Spiral Stones are based on the spiral which depicts life and nature. They also help relieve stress as you can carry them around with you, keep them in a bag / pocket and give them a squeeze.  They are sent out infused with Reiki energy...



It can be far too easy to rush through life without taking the  time to enjoy the present moment...  I love anything to do with mindfulness - the mindful / psychological process of focusing on the present moment without any prejudice.  This can be practiced through, for example, meditation and my Spiral Stones are an excellent focus for this.  

Paying more attention to:

  • the present moment

  • your own thoughts and feelings

  • your creative emotions and

  • those around you / the world around you

can help improve your mental well-being and help you find perspective... Mindfulness can help us enjoy life more and understand ourselves better via reflection, learning and moving forward.

If my Spiral Stones can play a small role in this, that would make me very happy! :-) 

Home Decor

I have a bowl of colour co-ordinated Spiral Stones in front of our fire.  The glitter in them shimmers when the light catches them and they look really pretty.  Again, these can be made in any colours to blend in with your colour schemes.  

Garden Decor

The front of our house is adorned in Spiral Stones!  They've been out in the south facing sunshine through every season for the last couple of years.  Similarly, they have also survived staying out in the winter.  They look great in the garden.  The curvy lines of the spiral fit in with nature and add a splash of colour to your garden.  I also make Hanging Garden Spiral Stones that are slightly larger and are pierced with a hole at the top and looped through with jute.


I've had only 5 star reviews for my Spiral Stones and this one meant a lot to me...


"Very pleased with this buy, beautiful colours, feels lovely to hold. Purchasing a second one for a friend x"

If you're looking for a unique gift, that is sent out with card that can be personalised, look no further than my Spiral Stones! 

Gifts / Wedding Favours

When I was carrying out some market research into how my Spiral Stones could be used (I am a Business Development Officer after all!), it became obvious that one of their uses could be for Wedding Favours.  Slightly smaller Spiral Stones, made in the colours to fit in with the wedding.  Unique, pretty and depicting a journey / evolution / growth.


Coming soon..