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At "work", I am a Business Development Manager for the Digital Solutions project at the University Centre Shrewsbury.  I’ve worked in the field of business development, social media marketing and project management for a number of years.  I was employed as a Digital Mentor at the Growth Hub – Shropshire where I offered social media training to businesses and created my Social Media Empower Hours. This has actively played a role in my interest in Digital Wellness.

My varied career and passions to date have always focused on communication be it written, visual, verbal and digital.  I’ve set up and led a few networking groups including the WiRE Network in Shrewsbury and thrive when surrounded by like-minded, passionate people who inspire me and embrace growth be it professional, personal or spiritual. 


I know how privileged I am to have learned from both the positive and negative influences that have played a role in my life as this is what makes me the person I am today.  I truly believe Reiki has played a part in helping me find balance and overcoming my grief...  I feel like I am being guided to use my Creative Emotions and invite you to join me on my creatively emotional journey.

Some of my poetry is autobiographical and some inspired by emotive stories I have heard.  You can read a range of it for free in my Poetry Corner and you can find more in my E-motive Poetry  book on Amazon.  I hope you enjoy and will leave you with one of my favourites:

“The Sunflower!”.

The Sunflower

I’ve been growing a sunflower

for a month and a day 

it’s given me power

and helped me to stay

on the long, straight stem

to a life that I need;

when things get too much

I pretend I’m its seed.


As it moves to the sun

to reach the light,

I look to the future

with sheer delight.


One day it will blossom

and hold its head high

and shout,

“Hey, look at me,

I’m the sun’s richest eye!”

by Nikki Ayton

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