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How to inspire Creative Productivity, my Top Ten!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Ever wondered how to keep your creative juices flowing? Here's a list of my Top 10 to help inspire Creative Productivity...

1. CREATE A MIND MAP - focus on a them and if you're a visual thinker like me, create a mind map. The subject is always written in the middle and they can be as vibrant and creative as you want them to be. I have created tree and brain mind maps but my one rule is that I never use straight lines as like the energy to flow in them.

2. LET YOUR IDEAS EVOLVE - not many ideas are complete when they first appear in your mind! It can be quite a long journey. Many initial ideas are based on personal experiences, let it grow, create your mind map, test and validate your idea and turn it into a reality...

3. FIGHT YOUR FEAR OF FAILURE - don't see your stumbling blocks as failure, they are merely a challenge that you can overcome. Break them down into smaller steps. Be kind to yourself and don't put yourself under any pressure. Keep it simple. You can do this! 4. MAKE YOURSELF AN EXPERT AND BELIEVE - this is easier said than done! Not many people understand their own level of expertise. Practice! The more your practice, the more confidence you gain and the more you will believe. Create a peer network, surround yourself with like minded people, once you start, that circle of support will naturally grow.

5. ACCEPT PRAISE - as you practice more, you will share your expertise more. This could be via blogs, video, social media, talks and build on the feedback given.

6. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX - my two top tips for this are exercise and innovation! Stimulate those brain cells, get your endorphins pumping and increase your creative productivity!

7. AVOID STRESS - this can block creativity. Make time for yourself. Meditate, use Reiki or go for a walk. Think about where your ideas flow and where your head feels free. A lot of people will have their Eureka moments in the shower.

8. JUST SAY NO - don't drain your energy on matters that don't bring you any benefits, invest it into the right areas for you. Given time and energy, your thoughts will manifest into reality. This is what the Law of Attraction is based on, the belief that positive thoughts and intentions will become positive experiences.

9. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF / LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE - say no to unnecessary meetings especially if they drain your energy. Surround yourself with expertise and listen to your inner voice about where you want your creativity to take you. You are in charge of your destiny.

10. ALLOW YOURSELF TO DREAM BIG - only you know the full potential of your dreams and only you can turn them into reality. Don't give up! You can do this! I believe in you...

Do you agree with my #Top10 I'd love to hear your thoughts...


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