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What Crystals help with Grief?

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

I've been asked on numerous occasions whether crystals can help you process your grief... I think it depends on what you feel comfortable with but in my own experience, I've found them to be a natural friend and indeed, my rock! I send them out cleansed and infused with healing Reiki energy and once you receive them, I'd encourage you to hold them, breathe deeply and tell them your intention ie how you would like them to help. You can then keep them close by, in a pocket / bag, near your bed or use them in a ritual to reiterate and strengthen your intention. The more you touch the crystals, the more you connect with them and tap into their energy. I've carefully chosen a selection of crystals that have properties which work well together for grief, I hope they bring you as much comfort as they did for me.

The crystals I have chosen are:

Apache Tears This crystal offers strong healing for grief as it helps with protection, grounding and emotional healing. When held, it helps release blocked feelings associated with grief which pour into the stone. As you can see, it is black in colour and takes its name from the story of the Apache Indians who were outnumbered by the US Cavalry in the 1870’s. The men who were surrounded jumped to their deaths and the women cried tears of grief for a month and these were cast into the rock to form crystals. Linked to the Root Chakra.

Angelite This is a beautifully calming crystal which helps with emotional healing. It can also help with the letting go process. It facilitates contact with your angels and higher self thus enabling you to feel the presence of passed loved ones and using their energy to help you with your healing process. Angelite will also act to calm feelings of anger and frustration. Linked to the Throat Chakra. Lepidolite This is an important crystal which helps you through times of grief. One of its components is lithium which is in anti-anxiety medicine. It will help you find the positive outcomes during the difficult times and helps to balance and improve your mood. It is the Stone of Transition / Peace and helps you move through the stages of grief. Linked to the Third Eye Chakra.


A stone of transformation that helps with inner peace. It helps you see beyond the grieving process. Amethyst offers a calming energy and is known to help with personal loss and grief. It is linked to the Third Eye Chakra.

Rose Quartz

Can lesser feelings of grief and bring more love into your life. It is key for self-love and self-care. During grief, it is easy to isolate yourself but this beautiful stone will help you stay motivated and open up more. A lovely stone to hold and rub. Linked to the Heart Chakra.

Selenite This is a very spiritual, high vibration stone which purifies and cleanses the air where it is placed. It calms and soothes by bringing a deep peace and sense of tranquillity. I have included this as it will also dispel the other crystals of negative energy. Place on your head to find clarity. Linked to the Third Eye Chakra.

Each crystal set will be cleansed and charged before being sent out and infused with Reiki energy.

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