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How to develop your psychic abilities, my Top Ten!

Updated: May 5, 2021

I'd like to start this blog with telling you about why developing my psychic abilities is of special interest to me and about a few of my experiences...

I remember lying on my bed as a girl of about 7 or 8, lying on my front and feeling exhausted and if I remember correctly, I was just recovering from an illness. The door was closed and I heard my mum come up the stairs of our family home and open the door to keep an eye on me. I shouted to her to "Leave me alone, I'm fine" without lifting my head and she had no idea what I was talking about but I was too sleepy to answer back. She was still downstairs. I then felt someone sit on the side of the bed and there was a definite dip where the person was sitting and I thought my mum had come up again. The next thing I knew was that this being then lay on top of me and and sank itself into my body. It wasn't scary and I knew that someone was looking after me and giving me the extra strength I needed.

When I was a teenager, I went through a phase of writing to penfriends and had far too many at one stage in my life but loved getting a letter through the post and hearing about other's lives. Slowly but surely, they all faded out of sight except for one in Austria. He was another creative soul and we continued to write regularly and I had always had a connection with Austria. I'd been stopped a few times by strangers in the street who asked whether I was from Austria so before I went over for my first visit, I went to see a clairvoyant. He said I'd be leaving England to live in a foreign land. That I'd meet someone important whose name began with B. That I'd live in an old traditional house, located up a hill with bars on the windows and it would be very modern inside. Really, could all that be true?

Strangely, years later, when I was living with my fiance Martin (Herbie) Bognermayr (name beginning with B!), in his traditional wooden house with bars on some of the windows, half way up the largest hill in Linz, Austria, with a modern music studio inside, his Dad tragically died. I don't recall overhearing any conversation about how his Dad had been dressed for the viewing but I had a vivid dream a couple of nights before and he was dressed in a pink suit, jovially standing in a room with all of Herb's family in a line shaking hands with him to say goodbye. As his Dad was a musician and performer, Herb's family had chosen one of his suits from a famous performance for the viewing - a pink one!

One of my other, most striking memories is after Herbie had sadly died. They were searching for his body in the lake where he had drowned and I was stood on the water's edge hoping they would soon find him. On a calm summer's day, in the blistering heat, I felt like I had suddenly been struck by lightening. I felt like my heart was on fire and would explode with love. There was a brilliant light pouring out from my heart, like a beacon, shooting out love and light and I knew that Herb was looking after me and he would be ok and was still with me. I have heard a few people speak of a similar overwhelming feeling of love after losing a loved one and it is something that will stay with me forever.

My life took many twists and turns after Herbie died and I had to leave Austria. I was looking for answers and trying to move on with my life. I almost had to close down some of my emotions and abilities and leave spirituality behind me to be able to adjust to my new situation. I looked into other religions, I questioned death, the after life and here I am, back on my spiritual journey and re-engaging with my intuition and psychic abilities and it feels very right.

I want to find out more about those coincidences and strong connections / gut decisions that have clearly led me through chapters of my life. I was also told by the aforementioned clairvoyant that I had abilities that I should develop so here I am and this is what I do:

1. Ask your spirit guides.

2. Embrace my natural abilities and what feels right.

3. Read a person's energy. How do you feel around them? Think about how you feel. Do they motivate, can you relate to them? How does your heart feel around people?

4. Meditation. Om Shanti means inner peace and is a mantra you can repeat for 5 minutes whilst breathing deeply and sitting still. Alternatively, a walking can offer you the same release of stress as can being creative. Find out what works for you.

5. Balance your chakras. I've got another blog which looks at this in more detail but for the focus of this blog, meditating with amethyst can help activate your third chakra.

6. If like me, you're overly sensitive, make time for yourself to reflect. Take time out for 10 - 15 minutes a day and reflect. You may not know what to think about but your mind will let you know.

7. Naturally pay attention to your dreams. I remember when I was younger I used to keep a dream diary as opposed to a normal diary! Do you notice a pattern in your dreams. Is there a recurring theme? There are many dream interpretation dictionaries online to help you analyse them.

8. Do you ache to help the underdog / invest your energy to help others?

9. Use creativity. Creative Emotions is the time out I need to remain sane! Without creativity which helps to balance my emotions, making items such as my Spiral Stones, I think my feelings would overwhelm me. They did that in 2020 during the pandemic and I'm not going to let that happen again!

10. Signs and symbols. Do you keep seeing the same sign / symbol? Do you know its meaning?

I'd love to hear from you if you've had any similar experiences / if you have any other tips on how to re-engage with your psychic abilities...

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