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Guest Blog - The Healing Powers of the Celtic Raven Spirals

The Celtic Raven contains the powerful sacred symbols of Spirals & the 3 spirals of the Triskele. Spirals are a symbol I have drawn since I was a child. They deeply resonate with me and represent the spiral of life & time, the past, present & future. The Spiral is seen frequently around us in nature.

The spirals are contained within the dark, black Celtic Raven. For some the Raven represents death and can feel alarming. The Raven is known for being the “Keeper of Secrets”. It represents our human mind & heart which carry the dark heaviness of sadness, loss and grief. However when a Raven enters your life, whether physically or in your dreams, is not signifying that an actual death is about to happen. It is signifying rebirth and growth are required.

Our universe energetically operates on opposites, night and day, life and death. The Raven is the darkness and the Triskele spirals are the light, it holds the energy of the sun. The Celtic Raven is a symbol of healing old & deep wounds.

When a Raven visits me in person a connection is made between heaven & earth. I look within myself to explore what past or present emotional trauma my loved ones are nudging me to observe knowing they are there to guide me safely through the journey of change to a lighter future.

Are you experiencing a traumatic period in your life?

Allow the Celtic Raven to bring the power of deep healing. Something needs to, or is about to transform and change in your life. The Celtic Raven will guide you safely, your loved ones are near. Supporting you to cleanse and release those hidden, dark corners of your soul.

Draw the Raven’s spirals and connect with the symbol of past, present & future. As you mindfully draw, bring the Raven into your mind. Go within. What pain do you need to release to allow yourself to make the healing journey to growth & rebirth? How can you safely release what you have discovered?

“The Human MInd always makes progress but it is a progress made in spirals” ~ Madame de Stael

A shortened version of this article was published in the September 2020 Spirit & Destiny Magazine.


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