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How to help Empaths Flourish and Grow, my Top Ten!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Did you know that by being an Empath, you're one of the luckiest people in the world? It's taken me a long time to realise this and put this Top 10 into action. It's empowering to turn your sensitivity into your strength and grow.

1. Don't listen to what others say - unless their intentions are good and they offer constructive criticism. A lot of people will have very different points of view to you and that's fine, but don't take their words to heart. Some people are more vocal with their opinions and don't understand how this can impact on more sensitive people.

Flourish and grow like a sunflower!
Flourish and grow like a sunflower!

2. Don't take on other people's emotions - ensure you cleanse be it through Reiki, meditation, exercise. Every morning, as I drink a glass of water before my cuppa, I envisage that water cleansing any unnecessary emotional baggage that I am carrying. This is linked to the sacral chakra - linked to your emotions, creativity and sensuality.

3. Be mindful of dementors! - For those of you who are Harry Potter fans, you'll know that dementors drain your peace, hope and positive energy. Taking your soul with them. Find boundaries and spend less time with these people. They're not usually negative people but it's the effect they have on you so protect yourself.

5. Use you Intuition - this is your super strength! I still really struggle if something doesn't feel right. I will live my life following my gut and own instincts. It is a powerful tool that not many people have! I know when I'm on the right path and even if people try and talk me out of things, if it feels right and I've made up my mind, no-one can change it.

6. Embrace your emotions - a lot of empaths are highly emotional. I cry. My boys will tell you I cry a lot! If I don't let the emotions out, they build up and over time, I slowly feel that need that I can't with the daily pressures. Just because you're sensitive, it doesn't mean you're not strong. Understand how your emotions work and through using your intuition, grounding and mindfulness, take control and let your empathy and caring be your strength. I use my creativity and spirituality to free up my mind. My poetry, some of which is on this site, has been written when my emotions have gone into overdrive and I've needed to pour the extra emotions out. These range from watching news stories as a teenager to life's most amazing and traumatic events.

7. Use your sensitivity - empaths are known for being aware of emotions, reading those around them and being able to connect. I'm not quiet but avoid drama so if there is drama, I won't interact unless there's a valid point I want to make. Some may call this being quiet but others, like most I know, call it being perceptive and being able to use emotional intelligence. Don't let others overload your sensitivity and bully you into being someone you're not. Stay strong, use your sensitivity to shine and be true.

8. Be true to yourself - the one lesson I have learned from doing a lot of personality assessments, is that some people are able to be one person at work and another at home. I don't change, I can't change! I can only be myself and through finding your niche and being true to yourself, you can flourish through being you!

4. Ground yourself - walk barefoot and embrace nature. By letting the bottoms of your feet, the palms of your hands or your entire body to immerse itself in nature, you are connecting and grounding yourese. Learn to give yourself Reiki - just a short burst of Reiki can rebalance you in line with the universe.

9. Avoid being overwhelmed - know your triggers. I have acknowledged that I can't do conflict whereas other people prefer straight talking. Understanding your own triggers can help you develop.

10. Don't be ashamed about caring - your empathic nature and sense of wanting to help others is not a weakness. Your compassion is not holding you back but helping both you and others to grow. Embrace it! Empathic leaders usually have the happiest teams and best working cultures.

Do you agree with my #Top10 I'd love to hear your thoughts...


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