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How to Read Runes - An interview with Holistic Practitioner, Suzanne McGill from Jehandra.

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

I was lucky enough to meet up with Suzanne McGill - Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic and Complementary Practitioner and co-founder of Jehandra Holistic Healing

1. What are Runes?

Runes are markings very much like a letter and has a unique sound and meaning. There are 25 runes in all, including the blank. Some say they originate from an ancient Mediterranean alphabet and others say their origin was found by Odin, the Norse God through a terrible ordeal to find wisdom and knowledge. This tale has come down to us in the Old Norse poem Hávamál (“The Sayings of the High One”).

Runes have always had an air of mystery around them, as in ancient times very few people could read and write, so it seemed very magical to most people that some scholars could read these markings and make sense of them, then communicate this to the masses.

2. How long have you been reading Runes for?

I have always had a great liking for the runes and I was taught how to read them in 2007. I use the information guides to start off and then use my intuition to elaborate further.

3. Do you think it's a good idea to connect with your Runes?

I have used many sets of runes, but the ones I like best are ones that I have made. There is a special pack that I like to use, and like using oracle cards I think it is best if you do connect with them, practice and read them, so that you get to know and understand them better. The more you use them your energy is imbued to them and that is why you should keep them for your personal use and not have them touched or marked by someone else's energy until you use them for reading, then cleanse them again.

4. Do you need a Rune cloth?

No, not particularly, you can draw out three runes, one for the past, one for the present and one for the future for a very simple reading. You can spread a number of them out in a number of ways, just as you can with tarot. I like to use 7 runes, and a rune reading cloth marked with three concentric circles, for past present and future and divided into 12, just like a clock to represent days, weeks and months or signs of the zodiac. The more information is available to act as a checklist the better the reading will be.

5. What questions do you ask your Runes?

For myself I might ask something simple such as "What do I need to know right now that will help me for the future?" If I was giving a reading, I would ask the customer to hold the bag of runes, put their other hand inside and just play with them, thinking about an issue they would like and answer

to, then when they are ready, pull out 7 runes, place their hand 5" above the cloth and let the runes drop where they will.

6. When we chatted you told me about a unique way of reading them, could you share that please?

Yes, I have delivered a number of rune workshops and in these, the group members were asked to focus on three runes. To look at the symbol and ask oneself what does that look like to me?

We can all do it.

For example let us take a look at this one, it looks like a cross - think of all the things that it may mean to you...

Such as:

· Something is wrong

· Don't go any further

· It is banned

· No, don't do that

· Don't go there

· There is a barrier in the way

· Danger

· Something is shut - such as someone's eyes - they don't want to see or acknowledge something

· A strong bond

· Equal

You can do this until you run out of things to say about a particular rune and move on to the others.

We don't always have to stick to the book. Instead we let our intuition guide us.

Once we have completed our set of three rune meanings, we can then work in twos to do a reading. The customer takes one rune from the set of three, one that they feel drawn to, that you have been working with, not knowing what it is and you read it for them.

To do this you open your mind to new possibilities, visualize both your energies blending together and then read your own meanings out, being aware of how you feel and what is the right thing to say to the other person. You may find that once you start you can go on for ages. Then it's the other persons turn to read for you.

7. Have you heard of Life Rune Casting? If so, what kind of impact can this have on an individual?

To be honest, I don't know much about this but from what I have read; it is about seeing the bigger picture. Asking the runes about our spiritual selves - if we are ready to accept. Such as:

1. What is my nature? i.e. what personality traits should I address to make my journey through life happier?

2. Why was I born? i.e. what is my gift to offer the world?

3. What is my vocation? i.e. what is the best way to offer my gifts to this world?

4. What is my cross? i.e. what burden/adversity have I been given in this life that I may learn to turn to a positive?

5. What is my Unified Self? i.e. what must I cultivate in myself to be my authentic self in this life?

6. What is my Destiny? i.e. what is my hidden power to control my own fate?

I have found the answers to these questions for myself through regular meditation. I have asked myself a number of times if I am on the right path. I know, wholeheartedly that I am. After looking at these questions, I may give it a try!

8. Why are Runes associated with Vikings?

The Viking's God is known to be Odin. As I have mentioned in question one.

9. Do you have a favourite Rune?

Not really. They all have their own meanings and sometimes the same rune can be read slightly differently for two customers.

10. What advice would you give to someone reading their Runes for the first time?

The runes hopefully come with some information that will act as a guide. Open your heart and mind to an issue, or something you want help with, give it your full attention, and pull out three runes from the bag. They are best pulled out one by one. Read the meaning, and ask yourself "is this right for me at this moment in time?" If it does, then go with that. If it doesn't, then look at it again and make up your own meanings as described in question.

11. Can reading your Runes tell you about your future?

Yes, but remember that you need to be specific in what you are asking, such as in the next week or month. It will give you a reading as if everything stays the same as it is today. We all have our own free will and if we want to change or decide that what has been suggested won't happen, it is unlikely it will. Like all things of an oracle nature, it is just a guide.

Suzanne, thank you so much for your time today and for sharing your expertise with us... We look forward to any comments / further questions that come through.

Suzanne McGill

Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic & Complementary Practitioner and co-founder of

Jehandra Holistic Healing

Phone: 01952 463876 Tel: 08721 380038 E-mail:

Address: Unit 10, Shifnal Shopping Centre, 26 Bradford Street, Shifnal, Shropshire TF11 8AU

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